General Support


How much do your services cost?

Each package has the starting price listed on their individual pages (check out the services page here)

Can you do any custom design projects?

Yes! Just contact me and provide some details and I'll get back to you with a price.

Can you build my website on another platform?

Yes. Although I would recommend Squarespace to almost anyone, there are times where other platforms are better suited. Contact me for a custom quote.

Can you create e-commerce stores?

Yes! I develop e-commerce sites on Squarespace and Shopify.


I already have a Squarespace site set up, can I hire you to make a few changes instead of designing a whole new site?

Yup! Contact me for a custom quote.

I have a website on Wordpress but I want to change to Squarespace, can you transfer my content from Wordpress to Squarespace?

Yes, this can be added to your web design package.


Squarespace Template Support


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website creation platform. It's DIY friendly and easy to use.

Will I need to purchase anything extra on top of the template?

You will have to purchase a Squarespace account and a Domain name additional to your one off template purchase. You can score a free Domain through Squarespace with a yearly purchase.

How much does Squarespace cost?

You can view the current rates here.

What programs do I need?

You need Photoshop to edit your template graphics, most people download a free trial for this which is avaible to anyone here.

Is there any coding involved?

Nope. All of our templates use DIY friendly features and you won't need to code anything.

Could I hire someone to build and edit the template for me?

Sure, check out our restyle service. Though, the templates are made with the DIY user in mind, they're easy to follow step by step instructions.

Can I edit the template?

Yes! You can edit every part of the template including fonts, colors, layout. I encourage you to follow the template, but make the design unique to you and your business.

Why do I have to build the template myself?

Squarespace doesn't allow third party templates, so, the designs I have created will need to be pieced together by you. It's super simple as I have created tutorial videos and show you step by step how to do the whole thing. If you know how to use a computer, you can do this.

What if I don't know how to use Squarespace?

The great thing about Squarespace is that it's DIY friendly. When you purchase a tempate you get access everything you need to know to build the template and become a whiz at Squarespace!

I like the template, but can I use my own logo?

Totally! I encourage you to change the template to fit with your brand, and I will teach you how you can add your own logo.

Can I Blog on my Squarespace site?

Yes! Squarespace is amazing for blogging and really simple. Every template comes with a built in Blog.

Can I add an e-commerce shop to my Squarespace site?

Yes! Squarespace offers a built in, simple e-commerce store function for your website. You can add it to any template.


Squarespace Template Support Policy

I am here to support you throughout your Template install. Even though I've worked really hard to make it as simple as possible for you, I understand that there are times when you just need help.

Outlined below is some information about the support I can offer while you're building your website. 

I am happy to help you with issues relating to the template itself, the install/build, the downloads, the provided files + any problems that might arise with these. 

Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to help with general Squarespace related questions, template modifications, coding modifications or any problems that might arise from them, any problems you are having with software.

Please understand that our Squarespace Templates are designed for DIY, you are required to build out the design yourself. Knowledge of how to use a computer well is necessary. If you don't think you're up to this task, I would suggest opting for the custom web design or outsourcing a designer to help you install the template.

If you need support you must submit a ticket at the bottom of this page and I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Template Terms & Conditions

Each template purchase may only be used for one website only. Each template much have the "Designed by Big Cat Creative" credit at the bottom.

If you are using the template to build a design for a client, you are prohibited from claiming or promoting these website designs as your own and must retain the credit at the bottom of the website "Designed by Big Cat Creative".

You may not resell the design or claim the design as your own. 

You may not share the theme or any design elements we provide with anyone else.

All photographs used in the templates are sourced from free stock image websites, so legally you are welcome to use them in your design. Though, I strongly recommend replacing these photographs with your own/others.

All fonts used in the Design are either built into Squarespace or downloadable. I have provided download links where necessary. Some special fonts will cost to download. 

You will need Squarespace and Photoshop to install these templates. You can download a free trial of Photoshop here.

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that our products are digital, they cannot be returned or exchanged. We cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made. Please be sure to review the theme demos and features, the FAQs and support, and programs required prior to purchasing. If you have any theme specific questions, please contact me at


Submit a Support Ticket

Please make sure you have read all of the FAQ above and have read the support policy before you submit a ticket. I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours!

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