My Favorite Squarespace Resources

Squarespace is an amazing all-in-one platform, they have pretty much everything you need to create a great website already built-in, and their support team offers a tutorial on how to use pretty much every feature.

But, there are so many awesome Squarespace resources around the internet that have not only helped me perfect my Squarespace design skills and knowledge, but also have enabled me to add features where Squarespace might be lacking.

So today I’m sharing with you a mix of my favorite Squarespace experts, educators, youtubes, blogs and plugins that will help you with your website!

Because there are literally thousands of Squarespace resources to choose from, I’m only showing you the people and resources that I have learned from, trust, and continually rely on for the best Squarespace advice.


Paige is a Squarespace superstar! She has been consistently blogging about Squarespace for years, and I have learned so much from her blog. It’s straight forward and really easy to understand. She also does custom Squarespace design and offer 2 signature Squarespace courses. (Did I mention she’s also just an awesome person?) is my first choice for all Squarespace plugins. I’ve only had perfect results with all of their plugins that I’ve tried, and whenever I’ve had any questions or trouble installing anything, they’re always quick to reply with support! Their plugins are really affordable and really useful, and they offer personal and business licences for Squarespace designers! My favorite plugin is definitely the Sidebar for Brine Squarespace Template and the Related Posts Plugin, they’re amazing!

Louise from Solopreneur Sidekick is a Squarespace pro. Her YouTube channel is an incredible resource if you want to learn more about how to use Squarespace, especially if you’re a visual learner. She’s super clear and a natural teacher. She also has an amazing Squarespace Course and Free Webinar. If you’re interested in building your website from the ground up, I would definitely check her out!

If this is the first time you’ve been to this site and you’re looking for Squarespace resources, you don’t really have to look any further! Our blog is full of free Squarespace tutorials and tips, go check it out!

But most excitingly, our Squarespace Templates are our absolute favorite resource! Our Squarespace Templates are more than just templates, they are complete design kits that come with a private resource page that teaches you how to use Squarespace, how to set up your new template, how to edit your graphics, and how to launch your new website! These are great solution if you like the idea of DIYing, but need some extra motivation and help.


Square Design Guild is basically a website dedicated to providing the best Squarespace resources. The blog posts are incredibly helpful, from specific tutorials to reviews. There’s also a ‘showcase’ section where she displays the best Squarespace Designs from around the web, which is awesome inspiration and a great way to connect with Squarespace designers! There is so much great information about Squarespace on this site, and Meg (the founder) is so thorough and only recommends things she has tried and tested. Meg also offers awesome tips and tricks over on her Instagram stories, which I love!

Elle from Elle & Company Design is one of the “OG’s” of Squarespace resources. She’s was blogging about Squarespace long before I even knew what Squarespace was. She also offers other helpful resources on her blog about design and business, but her Squarespace blog is really, for lack of a better word, great. Her blog posts are so detailed and thorough, you know you’re getting the ALL of the best advice.

Those are my favorite Squarespace resources to date! If you liked this post, feel free to save or share the image below, or Pin it to Pinterest!

My favorite Resources for Squarespace Tutorials, Plugins, Templates, Blogs, Videos and Design Inspiration!

Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you buy a product through my link I’ll make a little bit of money. Please note that I’ve only recommend resources I love, trust, use and highly recommend!


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