How to Create a Coming Soon Page in Squaresapce



Hey there Squarespace DIYers!

Today I’m going to show you how to add a COMING SOON page to your Squarespace Website!

Coming soon pages are a great idea to add when you’re still building your site because you can begin to grow your email list, get inquiries and create an excitement about your launch!

Also, it’s super easy, so let’s get started!

  • Log into Squarespace and click through to your website.

  • Click on the Pages tab in your sidebar then scroll down to your Not Linked section at the bottom and click the + icon to add a new page

How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace10.png
How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace11.png


  • Click to add a new page, the click add a Cover Page, and rename your Cover page “coming soon”

How to Optimize Squarespace Images


  • Squarepace will automatically give you demo content, but we want to replace this with our own wording and photos.


The first button you WILL see is
Change Layout



If you click on this, you will be taken to a list of different layouts. Choose whichever one you think will work well with your image and content, and don’t worry too much about the images/color/fonts because we can change all of this!

Once you have chosen your layout, click Save and Back in the top left corner.


Then continue down the menu and select
Branding and Text

How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace1.png

Here you can add your logo or business name and some text! Let people know when you’ll be launching your website, and tell them to sign up to your email list or fill in a contact form.


Next on the list is


You can upload your own image (or video!) here, and this will replace whatever image is already on the page



How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace3.png

This is where you will choose your buttons or contact form, and what they do. I highly recommend getting people to sign up for your list and connecting your email marketing platform with a button! If you haven’t set up email marketing yet, the next best thing is to get them to fill out a form to contact you.



How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace4.png

If you want to display social icons, make sure you click on the button and select Display.

Note: Your social icons will only display if you have connected your social accounts. Do this by going back to your main sidebar panel, clicking Settings, then Connected Accounts. Here you have the option to connect all of your social media:

Once they have been successfully connected + your social icons are set to Display, the icons will display on your Coming Soon page.



How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace7.png

This works exactly the same as the Style Editor. Work your way down the list of colors, fonts and settings and pick and view in real time how the changes look! Make sure you’re adding your brand colors and fonts to keep it cohesive!


The final (and most important step) in creating your Coming Soon Page...

is to set it as your home page so it is the first page people see when they go to your website.

  • Click Back to your Pages panel, click the Cog next to your Coming Soon Page

  • Then scroll to the bottom of this panel and select Set as Homepage

How to create a coming soon page in Squarespace8.png

Voila! You did it, you created a Coming Soon page. Easy, right? You can also use these cover pages as Under Construction pages, or really anything you want!

Let me know in the comments what you use Cover Pages for!

Thanks for reading!
Erica x


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