4 Awesome Features You Can Add to ANY Squarespace Website

If you’ve been around here enough, you’ll know that I thoroughly believe that Squarespace is amazing. It’s great for DIYers, and it’s also great for professional web designers.

Because I design Squarespace Templates, I know the platform like the back of my hand. And, with that, I get asked a lot of questions about what you can do with it.

I’ve been working with Squarespace for so long, sometimes I take for granted what a great platform it really is, and I forget to tell you all of the amazing things it can do!

So, based on your most commonly asked questions about what Squarespace can really do, I have put together this list of some awesome features that are included within Squarespace. As in: no plugins necessary, no extra steps, no extra learning curves, just an amazing all in one solution!

4 Awesome Features You Can Add to ANY Squarespace Website - Big Cat Creative



You can add a blog to ANY Squarespace site, no matter what template you are using, no matter how old your site is, even if you didn’t think you could add one.

If you are using Squarespace, you can add a blog.

And, it’s SO freakin’ EASY.

Head over to your Pages panel, click to add a new page, but instead of a “Page”, click “Blog”.

Awesome Squarespace Features you can add to any site - adding a Blog

Voila, you’ve added a Blog!

Using the Blog feature is pretty intuitive. Just click the plus symbol to add a new post, and fill in all of the details. You can add any blocks you like to your post, including images, videos (or vlogs), audio (like podcasts). You can schedule your posts for later, or you can duplicate the same post. You can add a thumbnail image and excerpt. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with this Blog feature.

And this is available on any template!

But note, the style of your blog will be different on different templates. For example, some templates will have a built in sidebar, some won’t even have an option for a sidebar etc. It’s worth doing a bit of research on your template and making sure it has all of the features you want before you choose to move forward with it.

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2. E-Commerce Store

You can add a Shop to ANY Squarespace template, too!

That’s right. You can instantly upgrade your website from just a website, to an online store.

It’s as easy as adding a page, just like we did above with the blog! (It’s the “Products” page)

Now, there are a few strings attached to adding a store.

You have to be on Business Plan or one of the special E-Commerce/Online Store plans to be able to add a Shop. You can check out the Squarespace plan pricing here. The Business plan has a lot of other features that you will probably want anyway if you’re running a business, so most businesses will be on this plan anyway. And unless you’re planning to open a large store full of physical products, you probably won’t need to upgrade to one of the more expensive E-Commerce/Online Store plans.

Either way, you can add a store to ANY template, as long as you’re on one of the correct plans!

I love this because when I started my business I didn’t think I would be selling digital products, and when I decided to sell my Squarespace Templates, I didn’t have to change website platforms or do anything to tricky, I just had to add a Shop page! How easy it that?!

Squarespace is really set up for you to grow your business with these great all in one features.


3. Social Buttons & Instagram Feed

You can add social buttons and your Instagram feed to almost ANYWHERE on your site! How cool is that?

This is kind of a big deal, because on other website platforms you can only add these things in specific places. With Squarespace, wherever you can add a ‘block’, you can add your social links and feed. It’s as simple as that!

With a Social Buttons block and the Instagram Feed block, you can add these features almost anywhere on your Squarespace website. As you can see on my site, I have social links and my Instagram feed in my sidebar, in my footer, and sprinkled throughout the rest of my site on specific pages.

It doesn’t matter what template you are using, you can add these features on any Squarespace website!


4. Opt-In forms

I get asked a lot of you can add an email opt in in Squarespace. And of course, the answer is yes! But there are a few different ways you can do it, so I’m going to outline them quickly below. But basically the answer is, whatever email marketing platform you use, it can be connected!

If you use MailChimp as your email marketing platform, you can easily connect this through the Newsletter Block or Form Block. Squarespace makes it easy, and you can literally click “link this form to MailChimp”.

Squarespace has also just announced an inbuilt email marketing platform called Squarespace Campaigns. This seems like a great option for people with a smaller email list that don’t need too many fancy features. And of course, this connects seamlessly with the Newsletter Block.

If you’re using something other than MailChimp or Squarespace Campaigns, there’s a couple of different ways you can connect to your platform.

You can connect it through Zapier. The Newsletter Block and Form Block both have a way to connect to Zapier. If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s a simple software that acts as a bridge or link between two other softwares. For example, Squarespace would send your opt-in information to Zapier then Zapier would send that information to whatever email marketing platform you choose.

If you don’t like the idea of adding another software to the mix, you can easily embed any form through a code block. Whichever email marketing software you’re using, they will provide you with some sort of “embed” code so you can embed your code anywhere. It’s easy, you just add a “code” block anywhere you want in Squarespace, paste in the “embed” code that is provided, and you’ll have your opt-in form! It’s easy!

So, there’s a few different ways to add an opt-in in Squarespace, but that’s because there are so many different email marketing platforms out there. Squarespace does a great job of giving you different options so you can choose which will work best for you.

Note that some of these options are only available on the Business Plan. Check out Squarespace Pricing info here!

There is an incredible amount of things you can do within Squarespace without having to add any fancy plugins or complicated code, but I get asked about these 4 all of the time!

These are also just 4 more reasons why Squarespace is such a great platform and why you should definitely be using it!

Do you use Squarespace? What inbuilt features do you love? Let me know in the comments!


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4 Awesome Features you can add to any Squarespace Website

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