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Recently I had the pleasure of designing a website for the full-time Bloggers: The Female Hustlers. They’re a group of women who are inspiring other women, in business and in life.

With that said, their group of Blog authors is around the 25+ mark, and of course, they wanted each author to have their own signature to place at the end of their blog posts. So I had to find a way to add a signature to each Blog post that had the author's photo, name, information, and backlinks.

You can easily add this manually to a Blog post, but you would have to do it every time, and more importantly, what if their information changed? What if we had to make an edit to the information in the signature? If we had put all of these signatures in manually, we would have to go back to every single Blog post that author featured, and update the signatures on by one.

And when there’s 100’s of Blog posts to sift through, this just isn’t an option!

With this technique, you can update the signature once, and it will update all of them (yaaas!)

I used the Summary Block, and here’s now I did it:


Step 1

Create a new Blog page in the “Not Linked” section and call this Authors or Signatures (or whatever works for you):




Step 2

We’re going to create a new Blog post for each author signature we want. So, add a new Blog post:



Step 3

What you will want to do now is to add the information you want to display in your signature.

You add the title of the signature here:

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace4.png


And under “Options”, add the image for the signature under “Thumbnail image”, and the text that you want under “Excerpt”

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace5.png


In the excerpt, you can format the text as you like with different headers. You can also add links by using the hyperlink button:

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace6.png



Step 4

This step is important. At the bottom left of the Blog panel, add the author's name as a new tag:



Step 5

What you’ll want to do now is copy what you wrote in the Excerpt and paste it in the main body of text. Or, you could write even more here about the author.

This body section will not show in your signature, but, if someone was to click on the signature it will open this Blog page, and this body of text will be available to read. So you can add whatever you like about the author here, but just don’t leave it blank.

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace8.png

Step 6

We’re basically done, we just need to add the Summary Block/signature to the end of our Blog post!

At the end of your Blog post, add a Summary Block - List:


Then, select your Author/Signature Blog from the list:



Under Display, add these settings. Remember under “Tag Filer” to use the author name that you added as a tag in Step 4.

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace11.png
How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace13.png

Under Layout, adjust all of these settings until you’re happy with how it looks.

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace12.png


And there you have it! Once you have all of the authors set up in your Blog, it’s as easy as adding a Summary Block and a Tag Filter, and you have your very own signature.

Here’s what the complete signature looks like:


And when I click on the image of the Author, it takes me to this Blog post page (Step 5, where we added extra information into the Blog main body of text)

How to make a Blog Signature in Squarespace15.png

I hope I taught you something new today, check out more Squarespace tips below. Also, let me know in the comments what Squarespace questions you want me to answer next!

Thanks for reading!


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