The 5 Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs


Inspo time!

Today I have compiled a list of my all time (aka this month) favourite podcasts for female entrepreneurs. The following podcasts are so inspiring and full of great information about anything and everything to do with fempreneurship. So get listening and get inspired!


She Did it Her Way - Amanda Boleyn

This is my current fav. The host, Amanda, is all about inspiring aspiring females to quit their 9-5’s and get more out of life and business. She interviews a wide range of female entrepreneurs about why and how they got to where they are. It’s incredibly inspiring listening to everyone's individual stories (and especially uplifting when you realise how many of them have failed along the way to get to where they are now). This podcast is just oozing with great advice and relatability for other female entrepreneurs and I have learned so much from it. This is a really good one to listen to when you’re lacking confidence of have hit some road bumps in your business.


Pursuit with PurposE - Melyssa Griffin

I love this Podcast by Melyssa Griffin. It’s relatively new (so far only 13 episodes - September 2017) but they’re coming out every week so keep checking back! I love it because there’s a large variety of ideas and personalities interviewed, but they all center around the theme of keeping yourself grounded, sane and finding your purpose in yourself and business. There’s a lot of great and inspiring information in these podcasts so go check them out.


Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is one of my all time fav entrepreneurs, I guess you could call her an influencer too. I started following her on Instagram (go, do it!), and from there I have indulged in everything she’s produced. I love her authenticity, she has a way of making you believe that you’re best friends. This podcast is inspirational for any female, but especially female entrepreneurs. She covers basically every topic you can think of that somehow relates to being a female and an entrepreneur, and interviews some of the most inspirational women in business.


Strategy Hour - Think Creative Collective

I love the power duo that is Abagail and Emylee. They are not only inspirational, but everything they do is so well thought out and planned (something that I, and a lot of creatives, struggle with) so I find their podcast super helpful in that sense. They’re fun, knowledgeable, inspiring and super successful and I definitely recommend listening to them!


Magic Lessons - Elizabeth Gilbert

Ok, so first thing to mention is, have you read Big Magic? The book by Elizabeth Gilbert that this podcast is based on. One of my favourite books of ALL TIME, seriously. I loved this book so much, and when I found out there was a podcast based on the same subjects of the book, obviously, I loved it. The book and podcast are all about creative living beyond fear. There’s two seasons, so go binge on those. Fingers crossed for a third! So luck you, this suggestion is a double whammy, read the book Big Magic (seriously), then listen to the podcast, Magic Lessons!


I hope this list helps get your inspiration back up and your business back on track - keep killin' it!

Erica x


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