Squarespace Website Design: Absorb Skincare

Absorb Skincare Squarespace Website Design by Big Cat Creative

Absorb Skincare

Absorb Skincare is a Wildcrafted and Organic Skincare line handcrafted by Kelly Gray, in Austin, Texas. Kelly is so passionate about natural skincare and eco-friendly products for the health of people and the environment, so her website needed to reflect that. 

Absorb Skincare is not just organic skincare, it's also thoughtfully crafted and luxurious skincare. The website had to find the perfect balance between natural and decadent. We chose deep blues and rose golds to exude luxury, with subtle leaf patterns, motifs and lots of white space to portray the natural, organic feel.

The website uses Squarespace built in e-commerce and blog, and is so easy to navigate.

View the live website here!


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