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Jessica is a Social Media Manager who works with badass female entrepreneurs to help scale their businesses. She’s been working in social media and digital marketing for over four years, it’s safe to she’s a seasoned pro — so she obviously needed a gorgeous website to show that!

Jessica used our Unearth Squarespace Template to completely redesign her whole site and brand. She took the Unearth template are really made it her own by changing up the color scheme and images. At the same time she kept the classy and artistic elements of the Unearth template present and carried those through to her brand design and social media.

The final look is so professional and cohesive and we’re so impressed with how she used the template for her business that we had to show you all!

Check out her live website by clicking the button below. And make sure to read the interview we did with her about the process and how she found it!

Name: Jessica Hobbs

Website: socialsavvyhq.co

What do you do/what is your business?: I am a social media manager for small businesses and service based entrepreneurs! My main focus is Instagram and Pinterest management because those platforms have the best potential, and they are my absolute favorite!

What or who inspires you the most?: I am inspired by the clients that I work with. They are all ambitious, female entrepreneurs who are literally making strides & money moves in their businesses. It inspires me to go further with my business!

What template did you purchase?: Unearth

Why did you choose that particular template?: I loved the long scrolling pages, and the different design elements that were so unique! When I saw this template, I knew that this was the one that had everything I was looking for.

Why did you want a new website?: I was not happy at all with my previous website. I did it myself, and I was even embarrassed to show it off. It didn't have any personality, and I honestly think it was detracting customers!

Why did you choose to purchase one of my templates, rather than a competitors?: I had been template shopping for a long time, and honestly all of the templates of your competitors seemed very basic. They didn't have any of the "wow" factor that I was searching for. Also, your templates are one of the most reasonably priced out there!

How did you feel before you created your new website?: I was overwhelmed at the whole process. I knew I wanted to DIY it over hiring a custom designer, but I wasn't sure if I could handle it. A template was the perfect choice since it offered the best of both worlds.

How do you feel now that you have launched your new site?: I am so proud to call it my website! I look at it several times a day, and I'm no longer embarrassed to share it with others!

How do you think your business is going to benefit from your new website?: It will definitely help me attract the right client base, and it is the perfect place to house my blog posts, resources, and digital shop.

How did you find the whole Squarespace Template process from purchase to launch?: It was honestly so easy! The template came with all of the steps for setting it up with step-by-step videos which were so helpful!

What's your fav series on Netflix right now?: This is tough! (I watch way too much Netflix!) It's between You, New Girl and The Office!

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