Squarespace Template Showcase: Buoyant Marketing

Emilie Steinmann is the owner and operator of Buoyant — a Marketing Agency that has a fresh and holistic approach to inbound marketing

You can tell that Emilie and her team are creative and personable, and darn good at what they do!

Emilie had previously used our Tigress template kit when she was working as a freelancer, but when she wanted to rebrand and expand into a full marketing agency, she decided to switch over to our Luna template kit! The website is so fun and fresh and works so well with her branding and bright and fun style.

We love how she has used her own brand colors, fonts and beautiful images to completely transform this template kit into something that looks totally custom made for her business!

See what she thought about the process below, and make sure to check out her live website too!

Name: Emilie Steinmann

Website: buoyantmarketing.com

What do you do/what is your business?: I own and operate an inbound marketing agency named Buoyant. My small but mighty team and I serve fun-loving and innovative B2C brands who are looking to make a real splash in their respective industries. While we love working with companies with products that line the shelves of Target or Whole Foods, we do a happy little dance when a fellow creative entrepreneur reaches out for help. 

The services we are currently obsessing over are:
- Search Engine Optimization (audits, consulting, and implementation... oh my!)
- Pinterest Marketing and Automation
- Conversion Copywriting

Our goal is to make and cultivate personal connections between brands and the customers of their dreams through playful storytelling.

What or who inspires you the most?: I love to read personal development and psychology books, especially by authors like: Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Gretchen Rubin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sheryl Sandberg, and Emily Ley... you know, just to name a few. 

Traveling and spending time around other creative entrepreneurs really lights me up!

I also love looking at my senior "competitors," seeing what they've been accomplishing, cheering them on, and saying, "yeah! I want to serve my clients in a meaningful way like that, too!"

What template did you purchase?: Luna

Why did you choose that particular template?: I could immediately see the Luna template had the bold color blocking and parallax scrolling I loved. I'll be honest, though. Big Cat Creative has so many amazing templates to choose from -- I had a hard time making the final decision!

Why did you want a new website?: I had the Tigress template and love, love, loved it for my freelance copywriting business. But once I decided to expand into an agency model and bring on a team, I knew I was going to need a total rebrand and refresh of my website.

I contemplated keeping the Tigress template and trying to rework it to fit my bold new branding but then decided that would take too much time... and time is money…

It took far less time AND far less money to pick a new template!

Why did you choose to purchase one of my templates, rather than a competitors?: Oh, you mean other people make Squarespace templates?! I was immediately drawn to Big Cat Creative templates because of her use of color and splashy design. She is not afraid to go big!

How did you feel before you created your new website?: Honestly, I can't even remember what my website looked like before finding Big Cat Creative. It was completely unremarkable. Just think... if I can't remember what it looked like, just imagine the impression it left on my ideal client. Zzzzzzzz.

How do you feel now that you have launched your new site?: Now, with the Luna template and my gorgeous new branding, I feel like I finally have a site that perfectly reflects my personality and the services I want to provide. It's inspiring, fresh, clean, authoritative, energetic, and direct.

How do you think your business is going to benefit from your new website?: I am so excited to share my website with others now. I am proud of how it looks and actually want people to check it out. My hope is that the design and functionality attract my ideal clients and repel those who aren't the right fit.

How did you find the whole Squarespace Template process from purchase to launch?: Let's just say... Big Cat Creative has the most user-friendly tutorials on the planet. I am super familiar with the setup process in Squarespace, but I know anyone can do it with her instructions.

What's your fav series on Netflix right now?: Brene Brown's new series, The Call to Courage

Squarespace Template Design by Big Cat Creative - Luna Template Showcase - Buoyant Marketing


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