The 4 Best Modern Font Combinations for Squarespace


Pairing up fonts can be a lot more challenging than it sounds. A great font combination can be the make or break of your web design.

But knowing which fonts pair well together, and also which fonts are on trend is not something that you're expected to know if you're not a full time designer.

Design, just like fashion, follows trends. Things go in, and then they go out (If you don't believe me, just remember, Comic Sans used to be IN!) 

Choosing the wrong fonts can completely date your website, and make it look unprofessional. But choosing the right fonts can completely transform your website (in the best way!)

Yup, something as simple as updating the fonts can keep your whole website lookin' #fresh.

Unless you're a designer or a font nerd (why is that not a profession?), it's pretty hard to know what's 'in', what's 'out' and even more, what actually looks good together.

So, I put together this little infographic of some modern, classy font combos that look awesome together, so you don't have to think for yourself. 

Bonus, all of these fonts are available on Squarespace, so you can use these combos on your Squarespace website, just set them as your Headings and Body text in the Style Editor!

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Best High End and Modern Font Combinations for Squarespace

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