Squarespace Template Kit Install

Squarespace Template Kit Install


Are you stuck trying to piece your template together? Or are you just running out of time? We do our very best to make the template process as easy as possible, but sometime’s it can be a bit much, and we get it!

Because installing your template requires quite a bit of DIY and isn’t a simple “plug-in-and-go” solution, we totally understand that you may not have the time (or patience) to do it all yourself.

This installation service was designed to help you get started on your new site. We’ll install the demo template either onto your existing website, or we’ll transfer it as a new design into your Squarespace account.

This install includes:

If you already have a live Squarespace website:

  • Adding a basic “Under Construction” page to your current website.

  • Moving all of your existing pages into the “Not Linked” section of your website.

  • Installing the Demo Template on your current site.

If you don’t have a live Squarespace website:

  • Transferring the Demo Template to your Squarespace account as a new website.

This install doesn’t include:

  • Adding your content to your website. This install will appear the same as the demo template, and you will be responsible for adding your own content, editing your graphics, changing images, adding your logo (etc). If you already have a live site, all of your existing pages will be put into the “Not Linked” section of your website, and new pages will be created for the template install. It is your responsibility to add your existing content into the new template pages.

  • Assistance with migrating from another platform, connecting your domain, adding your site descriptions or anything else that isn’t related to installing the demo template.

  • Connecting your social media accounts: This may be required on the template (eg if your template has an Instagram feed or Social links). The Squarespace Template tutorials will show you how to connect these yourself.

  • Any template or design customizations.

  • Revisions of any kind.

Please note:

  • This is an add-on installation service and doesn’t include a template. You must purchase a template separately.

  • Once you purchase a Template and an Install service, we will send you some basic instructions and a short questionnaire so we can get started.

  • If you want us to install the template on your current live site, you will be required to give us full access (instructions on how to do this when you purchase).

  • If you want us to install the template on your current live site, your current site will not be able to stay “live” as installing the new template + style settings will cause lots of design disruptions to your existing pages. This is why we recommend an Under Construction page.

  • We will do our best to get the demo site installed in no longer than 48 hours (Mon-Fri) but we will be in touch beforehand to give you a better estimate.

  • We recommend only purchasing this Installation Service if you are already familiar with Squarespace. Because you won’t be setting the design up yourself, you will miss out on learning lots of essential Squarespace basics, so you may find it harder to go in and customize the template after the install. If you’re not at all familiar with Squarespace, we recommend that you at least try to build the template yourself and not purchase this install, so that you can really learn how to use and edit your website!

Please read the Installation Ts and Cs here.

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