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Social media, it can get a bit ridiculous. What platforms are we supposed to use, let alone what are we supposed to post, and how many times are we supposed to post a day?

Experts says you need to post at least once a day to get you anywhere, I’m sure you’ve heard that. Every. Single. Day. Surely people will run out of ideas or interesting things to post?

And as someone who follows this 1 per day rule I sometimes get seriously stumped with what I should post. But here’s a few nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind while you’re stressing about what you’re going to post this week:

  1. People aren’t seeing all of your posts, and this is kind of a good thing. This means that you can repurpose content over and over again, and you’re not going to bug the hell out of people. Most of your followers will only see it once or twice if you’ve posted about it ten times.

  2. Share the same stuff across all of your platforms. For example, if you’ve scheduled a weeks worth of posting for Instagram, post the exact same stuff to Facebook. Just like I said in point 1, no one is seeing all of your stuff, cross posting is NOT a bad thing, really it’s just a savvy way to spend your time!

  3. If you miss a day of posting, don’t beat yourself up. Nobody died, the world didn’t end, and you probably didn’t lose any followers.

So with all of this uncertainty about what to post everyday, I created this list to help myself, and you, my fellow social media-er, to come back to when you feel the stuck for what to post.

Sometime's we not only have no idea WHAT to post, we haven't even thought about the things we SHOULD post and completely miss the opportunity to promote!


  • Promote a launch for your products or services with a cool graphic, image or text design. This could be a series of posts while you’re celebrating a launch week or a countdown to launch.


  • This can cover a huge range of posts, for example in my business portfolio pieces could include: Mood Boards, Logos, Brands, Color Palettes, Web Design layouts/mockups.


  • Promote a discount for your products or services with a cool graphic, image or text design.


  • Take a good quality selfie or post a professional image of yourself. People seriously LOVE to see other peoples faces. It means they can connect with you! Jenna Kutcher (social media queen) recommends having your face in your top 9 Instagram squares so that when someone lands on your feed, they will see you without having to scroll. So I suggest 1 in every 9 days should be a photo of you with a personal caption - and don't forget the personal caption!


  • Social media is the kingdom of quotes. Quotes are a great fallback option and can offer some inspiration to your followers, especially if it’s alongside a great, relevant caption. You can style these nicely in your feed by creating your own quotes in your brand fonts and colors.


  • Promote your blogs posts! And don’t be afraid to do it a lot. Like I said before, people probably didn't seen it the first time around. Promote your blog posts at least a few times, and if it’s been a while, do it again. I mean, it’s free info, can people really complain if they see it twice? The whole idea of social media is to drive people to your website to purchase your services/products, so promote things that drive them there!


  • Exactly the same as above! But make sure you are capturing their email addresses if you’re giving away free stuff and adding them to your email list. I actually think you can post freebies MORE than blog posts (like, a lot! People love freebies!)


  • You could add any sort of image when you write about your services, a cute flat lay, a portfolio piece or even a corresponding icon graphic. But either way, you need to get comfortable with explaining what you do. People are following you because they like the look of your stuff, but are potentially too lazy to head all the way over to your website to study what you offer and what your services are. I definitely don’t think every post should be a promotion of your services (you don’t want to annoy people by being too “selly”), but once or twice a week is a good number to remind people what you can offer them.


  • If you are a product based business (like a store) then you can promote your products through your great imagery and professional photos. People want to see the products they’re going to buy in every light, on different models, up close and far away, and want to learn more about them before they invest, so you can get away with posting your products often.


  • Add a testimonial graphic to your social media, and add it again (or add the full version) in the caption. People love to read positive feedback especially if they’re considering purchasing something from you. Sharing a great testimonial might be the one thing that secures them as a client!


  • When all else fails, add a completely random image that doesn’t mean anything (like, a picture of a pineapple). Just use a photo that looks good on your feed and goes with your "brand image" but is completely unrelated to anything, and then you can write a caption about anything, too! Try to make sure you caption is at least meaningful here, so you can get people to engage and comment and start a conversation!

This is my go-to list if I'm feeling stuck for what to post on social media. The more you do it, the easier it gets! And remember, you can always come back to this list!

What is your go-to for posting on social media? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Erica x


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