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Freebie Friday!

Instagram stories are taking over. If you're not doing Instagram stories, you're missing out! Seriously, I love watching them, and when I post them I get a huge amount of views. When they first came out I thought they were just a bad copy of Snap Chat stories. I take it back, they're so much better than Snap Stories. Mainly because it's all of the people you already follow on Instagram, so you don't have to go searching for users, also, who has time for a business Snap Chat anyway? It's all there on Instagram now, in one handy app. So much easier, and so effective! 

Instagram stories are cool because you can be much more personal and raw on them, apposed to your feed which is beautiful and perfectly curated. But you can also do a lot of fun promoting that you don't want to have cluttered throughout your feed. So I've created some super cute templates that you can use to promote basically anything. Just use the Instagram story editing tools to overlay texts, tags, images, emojis, whatever! 

Download these then save them to your phones camera roll, add a new story and choose one of the templates, overlay with some exciting stuff and upload away!

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I hope you enjoy these templates! What kind of freebies would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments! 

Erica x


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