Grit HQ: Brand and Squarespace Website Design


Kelly launched her solo business where she provided specialised fundraising and marketing for nonprofits in April 2017. One year later and Kelly's business has seriously taken off, she's helping nonprofits raise some serious moolah, she's hiring staff and has expanded her services beyond nonprofits to also serve small business owners.

It's fair to say, shE's killin' it.

To keep up with her rapid growth and pivoting business, she knew she needed to update her brand identity and website to align with her new vision. 

I had such a great time working with Kelly on this project, it was really a collaborative process. Kelly's aesthetic is totally unique, so it was great to be able to capture that in her new brand and website.

After Kelly completed her Questionnaires and Pinterest board assignments, the first step in the design process was to create a mood board. The mood board is a collection of images that reflect the overall style/mood/vision of the brand. These are essential to make sure you are both on the right page and that the design is heading in the right direction. After a couple of revisions, we hit the mood board sweet spot:


Mood Board



After the mood board was finished we got started on logo designs. We started with a bunch of different ideas and slowly refined it down to the final product. Here are some of the concepts:

Logo Concepts



We worked on refining the logo designs until we both LOVED the final logo. Together with the mood board, the rest of the brand fell into place. We chose a vibrant color palette and some bold patterns/graphic elements to capture the "oomph" of the brand. The concrete texture was a great way to bring contrast to the bold colors and graphic elements while still being urban and edgy. Kelly also had some awesome photos taken of her for the new brand. Check out all of the final elements below in the brand style board!


Brand Style Board



The website was not only fun to create, but it's fun for its visitors. It's bold, bright and paired with Kelly's witty website copy, it's a pretty fun experience! 

It's gorgeous, but it's also jam-packed full of awesome resources and info about all of the services that Grit HQ offer. This new website is easy to navigate and laid out perfectly to lure potential clients into a wormhole of Grit HQ goodness.

I love how we've used parallax images, layered images and some animation to really make important info and images pop. You've gotta go check out the live site!

View the live website here!


Overall, this project was an absolute blast from start to finish, and I think that is reflected in the brand and website! Kelly is a straight-up girlboss and I can't wait to see where she goes in the next year and beyond!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the project! 


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