Our 5 Best Squarespace Templates for Photographers

Squarespace is an amazing platform for Photographers, so that’s why we design a lot of our premium Squarespace Template Kits specifically for photographers!

Squarespace has so many different options for displaying images, like galleries, full width images and parallax images. They have also done a great job of adding business features for creative entrepreneurs like simple contact forms, booking calendars and integrated social media. The combination of these two things is why we always encourage photographers to be using Squarespace.

We’ve designed all of our Squarespace template kits with creative entrepreneurs in mind, but we think the following 5 templates would work perfectly for photographers.

All of the template kits are completely customizable, so you can change colors, fonts, images, text, almost anything! Click on the thumbnails to learn more about the individual templates.


SOPHIE Squarespace Template was designed with a rustic, romantic, wedding photographer vibe. It has full width images, slideshow galleries and a specific photography and videography portfolio section, completely set up for a photography business. Make sure to check out the live demo of this template.


IRIS Squarespace Template has a collage style layout with full width banner images. This template was created for the general creative entrepreneur, but could easily be tweaked to create a very unique website design for a photographer. If you view the live demo of this site, you will see that the layout is very dynamic with lots of moving parts, but draws great attention to the large imagery.


MINNIE Squarespace Template is a clean and modern yet fun website template that boasts lots of imagery throughout the whole site. Whether it’s the full width banner images or the animated collages, this website lays down a simple canvas to show off your best images. Check out the live demo here!


LACY Squarespace Template is a feminine and fun website template that is perfect for creative entrepreneurs, particularly photographers. The full width images create a gorgeous and eye-catching homepage design, and the 3 different image gallery designs give you lots of choice on how to want to display your photographs. See the live demo here.



ETHEREAL Squarespace Template is specifically set up for photographers, with a full width header image and the choice of 3 different galleries to display images. This template has a romantic and classic feel, designed with wedding photographers in mind, though this can be easily tweaked to represent your photography business. Check out the live demo here!


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