Our 5 Best Squarespace Templates for Bloggers

Although all of our Squarespace Templates come with built in blogs, some are set up with blogging as the main focus (rather than services or other offerings) making them more suited to professional bloggers and influencers!

Squarespace is an incredible platform for blogging. It comes with everything you’ll ever need built it, but best of all it is so simple to use. The blogging interface is so user friendly and intuitive, while it’s also sleek and good-design friendly!

We love creating Squarespace Templates that are purposefully designed for bloggers so we can encourage you to get onto Squarespace and completely simplify and streamline your blogging process with NO tech overwhelm!

Our Squarespace Templates a really perfect for all types of small businesses and are highly customizable, so while these templates are great for bloggers, they can be easily adapted to work with almost all of your small business needs.

Check them out below!


BLOGETTE Squarespace Template is our most popular blogging template. With a homepage that features recent blog posts and categories, and a blog page that has a comprehensive sidebar, share links and an instagram feed, you can see that this template is set up perfectly for a business that is based on blogging. It’s super feminine and sweet, but you can easily change the colors and images to give it a completely different vibe!


TRANSIENT Squarespace Template is our original template for bloggers. This template has a sidewide sidebar and the homepage lands on the most recent posts, perfect again for a business that is entirely blog based. Our favorite part of this template is the collage style header! It’s perfect for instagram style images and you can edit all of the colors, text and photos to reflect your style. We love it because you can regularly change the header images and colors to keep it fresh, while still staying on-brand by not drastically changing your whole design every time you want an update!


DERIVE Squarespace Template is one of our most popular designs, while commonly used for service based businesses, Derive is actually perfect for bloggers! The header section is perfect to add a featured post with a ‘read more’ button and corresponding image, and you can change this up as often as you like. Then shortly after the header section is a ‘recent posts’ carousel which is a perfect way to show off your blog posts.


The CIPHER Squarespace Template was originally designed with photographers and designers in mind, but would work well with bloggers content too! This template would be great for a blogger than has lots of imagery like an Influencer or a Photography blog.



Our PARADISO Squarespace Template was built with boutique hotel owners in mind, but is so adaptable that it would be perfect for a blogger or influencer. You could add blog categories into the first four feature blocks and then shortly after that is a recent post feature which is perfect for displaying blog posts!


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Our Best 5 Squarespace Templates for Bloggers - Big Cat Creative

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