The Brand Shop


Have a new, Kick-Ass Brand in a matter of days.

The Brand Shop sells affordable pre-made brand suites that are completely customized to your business.

You have a great business idea, and you've been working hard behind the scenes on your plan, but as of this point, you have no identity. You know it's essential to your success to invest in a high quality Brand Design, but your budget is tight and you needed it, like, yesterday.

Well, you're in the right place.

How does it work?


Step one

The Brand Shop is full of beautiful, professional complete brand suites ready for you to purchase. Have a good look through the shop and choose a brand suite that feels right, one that you can envision being custom tailored to your business.

Step two

Once you have chosen a brand suite, you can then enter your business name and preferred color palette. With this information, I'll get started on reworking the logo with your business name and adjusting the brand suite to your chosen color palette.

Step Three

Once the design is done, I'll send you all components of your new, beautiful brand! That's it - you're officially branded! Quick, right? But don't worry, you're one of a kind. I only sell brand suites once, so your design can't be purchased by anyone else!

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Terms + Conditions


  • When you choose your brand suite, you must make sure your brand will fit with your chosen brand suite without any major alterations. If you like the look of one brand suite but you suspect it will require major alterations to make it work for your business, you will need to contact me with your chosen suite and reasons for major alterations and I will assess the alterations and tailor a custom quote.
  • Big Cat Creative reserves the right to assess if the chosen brand suite will require major alterations to fit to your business and will adjust the price to suit, to be accepted by the buyer. Additional design requested that is not covered in the brand suite will incur additional charges.
  • Your chosen brand suite is not guaranteed yours until full payment is received. Once you select your brand suite, you will be sent a confirmation of your chosen brand and invoice within 24 hours. Once this is paid the chosen brand suite will be taken off the market. 
  • No designing will start until payment is received in full. Payment is non refundable. 
  • If another buyer chooses the same brand suite as yours, before it is taken off the market, you will have first priority to the brand suite, but must make payment within 48 hours of receiving invoice. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the brand suite will be offered to the second buyer. 
  • You agree that Big Cat Creative will retain the right to use the files for promotional and marketing purposes including but not limited to my portfolio, website, Pinterest, Instagram and any other platforms I choose to share it on, to be credited as the designer of the final brands.
  • All prices listed are in USD


  • Fonts used for the brand suites are suggestive only, and will not be supplied to you. If you would like the complete font files, it is your responsibility to obtain your own licence to these fonts.
  • All deliverable files for each brand suite are listed on the particular page of that brand suite.
  • Big Cat Creative is not responsible for retaining your brand suite files after the design process is over. Once all files are supplied to you, you are responsible for the safe keep of your own files. I suggest backing them up on Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • You may not share or sell any of the designs you have purchased through the Brand Shop.