So glad you're here!

Congrats on making it this far! We've made it through most of the tough stuff and now it starts to get fun. I've created the following questionnaires to dive much deeper into your project. Remember, the more detailed and thought-out your answers are, the better!

So go ahead and get started, I can't wait to read them! 



#1: Target Audience

Before we can create anything for your brand, we need to know who your ideal customer is. This questionnaire helps you articulate who exactly you're trying to attract. Having a clear idea of your target audience will make a big difference to the overall efficacy of your design. This can be challenging, especially if you're thinking of a group of people. Although realistically you will be targeting an audience, I find that it really helps answering these following questions like you're talking about one person, your ideal client.



#2: Brand & Style

The following questionnaires are all about getting to the heart of your business, what you're envisioning, what you're attracted to and what you want out of your website. Remember: you will only need to fill out one of these forms.

Fill this one out if you purchased Branding Design only.

Fill this one out if you purchased Website Design only.

Fill this one out if you purchased Branding + Web Design Package.



When you're all done and have submitted the questionnaires, head back to the original welcome package document I sent and see what you need to do next. Thanks!



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