PositivelyLost: Squarespace Website Design

Positively Lost Squarespace Website Design by Big Cat Creative



PositivelyLost is a lifestyle and personal development Blog, founded by Aileen Fang. Aileen came to me fed up with trying to get her Wordpress site the way she wanted it. After a lot of discussion and considerations, we decided that Squarespace would be the perfect way to go. 

Aileen already had her brand design established, so this project was about reflecting the brand and telling its story through the website. With a couple of short lessons on how to use her website and some experience in design already, Aileen is confidently running her website and successful new business! 

We had a great time working together and couldn't be happier with the result. 

Check out the live website HERE

"Erica will go above and beyond for clients to create your ideal website. She guided me through the process and communicated with me to pinpoint exactly how I wanted my website to look and feel. She also made tutorial videos that taught me how to navigate and edit my website which I greatly appreciated as it empowered me to tweak my website in the future. It has been a great pleasure to work with her and I hope to enlist her help on future projects."

- Aileen Fang

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