Squarespace Template Showcase: Work the Room Blog

Christina of worktheroomblog.com is self diagnosed decor diehard. She's obsessed with all things home decor, so she runs a pretty awesome blog full of tutorials, renovations, mood boards, DIY tips and tricks and basically everything and anything to do with decorating your house. Christina used our Transient Squarespace Template to make the much needed switch to Squarespace and completely redesign her site.

The Transient's blog optimized template works perfectly for Work The Room Blog, and the header images are easily changed out to keep it on trend and up to date!

Check out her LIVE website by clicking the button and see what she had to say about the whole process below!

Squarespace Template Design by Big Cat Creative - Template Showcase - Work The Room Blog

Website: worktheroomblog.com

What do you do/what is your business?: I’m a freelance copywriter who works with brands ranging from health to home decor. Because my passion for interior design can never be exhausted, I channel what creative sparks I have left in my spare time into my personal home decor blog. Work the Room Blog is meant to empower others to work the room they already have through thoughtfully themed and curated conversation pieces. My mission is to eliminate the daunt of decor and debunk the misconception that a complete overhaul is the only way to refresh a space. Through easy-as-pie DIYs, mood boards and themed curated collections, I hope to inspire readers to make small—yet dramatic—changes that help them fall back in love with their spaces again.

What or who inspires you the most?: My lifelong love and prowess for decorating through resourcefulness and creativity? I get it from my mama. My affinity for writing has always been inspired by my father, a talented published writer and motivational speaker. The pursuit of these passions through blogging was ignited by my husband, who motivates me daily to chase dreams without fear (and who repeatedly encouraged me to start a blog until I finally buckled).

What template did you purchase?: Transient

Why did you choose that particular template?: My style when it comes to decorating, fashion and all things in between is predicated on the next rare find, so I’m always (driving myself crazy) hunting for designs that feel unexpected. After perusing hundreds of templates, this one finally caught my eye. The Transient template is sophisticated, versatile and avant-garde. What I love most about it is the magazine-like feel of the header.

Why did you want a new website?: I built my blog months ago but was running into roadblocks when it came to keeping it populated. The back-end management was becoming extremely cumbersome for me. In turn, my content—and inspiration—was suffering. I knew I needed to switch site hosts and refresh my web presence before I squandered any more writing opportunities. In order to inspire others, I needed to be inspired by my own platform.

Why did you choose to purchase one of my templates, rather than a competitors?: Aside from the fact that the Transient template has an exclusive and eye-catching feel, its potential for customization is unlimited. As someone who is an avid redecorator, it’s verrry likely I’ll also want to refresh my blog’s design from time to time. Modifying the template’s elements is incredibly simple—and the collage-like header provides endless photo swapping opportunities for a first impression that’s never stale. Long story short--the template was unmatched.

How did you feel before you created your new website?: I felt burnt out and uncertain—unsure if I had enough momentum to keep the blog going.

How do you feel now that you have launched your new site?: I feel completely reinvigorated! It almoooost feels as rewarding as redesigning a room. 

How do you think your business is going to benefit from your new website?: As compared to my previous blog’s design, the new website has a much more branded and professional feel. I know from 9+ years of professional experience in marketing and branding what an impact a cohesive look and streamlined structure can have on a user’s experience and takeaway. The new site will allow readers to navigate much more effortlessly throughout the blog, which will hopefully yield a loyal (and steadily growing) audience over time.

How did you find the whole Squarespace Template process from purchase to launch?: The process was seamless—from download to instructional video to implementation. As a completely new user to Squarespace, I appreciated the fact that I had to follow instructions to set up the template because it forced me to (very quickly) become familiarized with Squarespace. It also gave me a sense of pride knowing I set up and customized the website myself (with the expert direction of Erica, of course), rather than paying someone else to do it. Erica is awesome!

What's your fav series on Netflix right now?: Life Sentence! I've heard it's not coming back for a second season (how can they do this to me?!), but I still think it's worth getting emotionally attached to the first one.


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