Squarespace Template Showcase: Elle Rosegold

Elle is a model and a mother, and totally killing it at both!

Elle used our Cipher Squarespace Template to create a website for her modelling career, and we think she’s done an AMAZING job! We love how she completely made the template her own by adding rose gold touches everywhere, and the galleries of her portfolio pics are amazing! She has made the design super unique and full of personality, but still professional, clean and easy to navigate, perfect to show potential employers!

Click the button below to see her live website, and check out the interview we did with her about her experience with the Squarespace Template below!

Name: Elle Rosegold

Website: ellerosegold.com

What do you do/what is your business?: I started my business last year as a digital marketer and social media manager. However, my new website focuses solely on my modelling career which I started about three years ago. It was always something that I wanted to develop ever since I was a kid. I put my real passions on the back burner for years after having my son, but I got back into them with some motivation and a lot of help by my friends.

What or who inspires you the most?: My son inspires me the most. At the end of it all, I just want him to be happy and proud of all the work I've done to create this life for us. For a long time I focused solely on what would benefit me financially, but that ultimately led to me getting burnt out. I realized that my happiness was just as important as my finances. My son inspired me to go after the things that add to my happiness. One of my favorite things is when he sees the photos from my shoots, he gets a huge grin on his face and goes "Is that you!?". The little things like that make everything so worth it.

What template did you purchase?: Cipher!

Why did you choose that particular template?: I picked this template because it had a very bold and minimalist style. I didn't want anything messy or busy like my last site. I just wanted a look that was streamlined, clean, and efficient, but also showcased my favorite photos upfront. I mostly fell in love with the word elements and the layouts of the photos throughout. Also, the paint brush strokes stood out to me and in my mind, I knew I could take them into Photoshop and put a rose gold spin on them.

Why did you want a new website?: I went from a super basic blogspot, to a not so basic wordpress, to a very messy Wix with a separate Shopify store. I just remember being asked about my website and feeling embarrassed by it. Honestly, It was quite terrible. I had so much on there that it took so long to load anything and it was frustrating having to go there just to save a picture. At the same time, I loved Shopify but it did not have any options to make it into a full website with a gallery and the things that I needed to run my business.

Why did you choose to purchase one of my templates, rather than a competitors?: I chose this one over others, because I found it to match exactly how I envisioned my new site. A lot of other stores I went to for templates didn't have the level of detail I was asking for. I was also impressed by the fact that you had live demos of the site and they worked extremely well with different mobile devices and browsers. Portability was a huge issue for my previous site. My old site's mobile version was completely different from the desktop version and there were no options within Wix to fix the many issues I had with the site. So not only did I choose the template from Big Cat Creative, I also traded Wix for Squarespace!

How did you feel before you created your new website?: Honestly, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I knew the type of aesthetic I wanted for the website, but I had no idea how to execute that on a platform that could offer me all of the capabilities that I wanted to incorporate into my new site. I asked my IG followers if they had any recommendations for web designers and they gave me a couple. However, I didn't want to be charged a ridiculous fee for something I know I could do myself. It was definitely a feeling of hopelessness mixed with anxiety, because I wanted to get it done as soon as possible , but also meeting all of the requirements I needed.

How do you feel now that you have launched your new site?: I feel accomplished! It's a like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I am extremely proud of how it turned out and definitely not worried about showing it to people anymore. I tolerated the old site for so long that I had gotten into the habit of not using it at all. Now I feel a lot better about sending people there and have received nothing but good feedback on it from everyone!

How do you think your business is going to benefit from your new website?: My business has definitely taken off since the new site launch and having a fast loading website definitely helps with that. Within a few months, I have already sold more items from the new site that I have on my old Shopify store! Now when people ask to see my portfolio, I just point them to my site with all 20+ of my galleries and the pictures don't take forever to load like they used to. In the future, I'm hoping to add Vlogs to it, but right now I'm loving how the site is. It has definitely garnered the most engagement out of any site I've had to date!

How did you find the whole Squarespace Template process from purchase to launch?: I found the entire process a breeze. I have more than a decade of experience in Photoshop so editing everything was like a cake walk for me. However, I had never used Squarespace before. I was worried that I was making a mistake switching from Wix, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I started to like Squarespace. Wix has so many erroneous features and they are constantly pushing you to buy/upgrade things, it's very overwhelming trying to do what I needed on there. Squarespace is very simplistic and so well organized. I wish they had some features I used to like on Wix, but overall I think Squarespace is better. I learned A LOT from the template process, I even learned things in general about making webpages, like compressing images to make them load faster. The tutorials were so easy to follow and everything worked perfectly in the end! I definitely recommend these templates to anyone who needs a new site for their business.

What's your fav series on Netflix right now?: Sabrina, the teenage witch!

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