Squarespace Template Showcase: Alicole - Brand Curator


Alisha of Alocoleco.com is a talented brand curator: she helps entrepreneurs create a consistent brand image through design and photography, super important stuff people! She used our Derive Squarespace Template to create her own brand consistency, and really inject her personality into her website and biz!

We're love the way she took the Derive template and really made it her own by choosing an unique color palette, using an awesome combination of handwritten and big bold fonts and adding a selection of her amazing brand photography which really ties it all together.

Check out her website and what she had to say about the whole process below!



Alisha Nicole (whaley)



What do you do/what is your business? 

I am a brand curator. I help female entrepreneurs create a consistent signature brand style through logos and brand photography.

What or who inspires you the most?

Sounds cheesy but life inspires me most. So many amazingly talented people in the world choosing to live for all their worth no matter the obstacles. That is so very inspiring.

What template did you purchase?


Why did you choose that particular template?

I was working on building my own site and stumbled across Derive. I instantly fell in love and purchased (after drooling over it for weeks). It’s fun and edgy. I was wanting something that reflected (me) while also showing what I could do. Trying to work on my own things while also working on client projects was proving a challenge. So I purchased Derive and couldn’t be happier!

Why did you want a new website?

I recently made a few changes in my business and needed to reflect that in my website. Being a brand curator, I felt it was important to show my own work being curated. My website was seriously lacking.

Why did you choose to purchase one of my templates, rather than a competitors?

Simply. I just loved your template. It had everything I was looking for.

How did you feel before you created your new website?

I didn’t have time to design my own site, so I looked for another designer that had a template that would work for my needs.

How do you feel now that you have launched your new site?

Couldn’t be happier. For the first time in years I legit love my site!

How do you think your business is going to benefit from your new website?

I am stoked to show it off and am certain it finally reflects not just my business but a little of myself. It’s already gained more traffic in the week it’s been live!

How did you find the whole Squarespace Template process from purchase to launch?

Fantastic! The walkthrough was brilliantly done. Left nothing to be questioned. Super easy process.

What's your fav series on Netflix right now? 😉

Ha! I’m still looking for a new series! 😂

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