Getting Started With MailChimp: How to Create a List + Sign Up Forms + Automatic Welcome Email



So, you’re setting up email marketing? Awesome! Email marketing is SO important for your business and I always tell my clients that they should start collecting email addresses ASAP.

Email marketing is more effective than any other sort of marketing because you're landing straight into peoples email inbox (that's super personal, right?). Almost everyone opens their emails. Think about that, compared to Social Media where people often scroll right past your stuff, or the algorithm stops people from seeing your posts completely! 

But I'm not here to convince you to start email marking, because you're here, which means you're ready to learn!

MailChimp is a GREAT first stepping stone in email marketing. It's fantastic because it's free, it's simple to use and, well, it's free. 

In this quick tutorial I show you the basics you need to get started with your email list. I'll show you around MailChimp, how to create your sign up forms and how to set up a Welcome Email (an email that automatically gets sent out anytime someone joins your list).

Check out the video below!

password: mailchimp!

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