FREEBIE: Hand Drawn Nature Patterns




These patterns were fun to create. I guess the inspiration all started when me and my partner were talking the other day about our plans for the future (that sounds more serious than it is, don't worry).

After a failed attempt at getting him a Visa for the USA (I'm a citizen, he's not, America is the hardest country to get into more than ever right now... don't get me started...) we decided on Canada. I'm making it sound like it was a second choice, but it's really not, and we're excited. (He can easily get a Canadian 2 year work Visa, because, well, Canada's awesome) 

We have our sights set on beautiful Banff and the Rockies (we we're planning to go to Colorado) and I got inspired to doodle some naturey goodness! So here they are. Enjoy!


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This pack comes with 5 different patterns. They come in .EPS as .Ai patterns, so you can edit them however you like, and I've also included a JPG of each!

Also, there's no restrictions on this. Use it for anything you like! Just don't copy it and sell it as your own! 

You can edit the EPS patterns under the swatch panel in Illustrator (just double click on one of the swatches to edit!) 


I hope you enjoy this freebie! What kind of freebies would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments! 

Erica x


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