Free Course! 5 Steps to DIY Your Dream Website


Ready to DIY your website? Well you’re in the right place! Our new free course: 5 Steps to DIY Your Dream Website is live and FULL of value!

I get it, you want a gorgeous website that converts visitors into customers. Your website should turn heads and leave an impression! But paying thousands for a custom website design? Not exactly in the budget right now...  And figuring out all of the DIY stuff on your own? Not exactly easy.

Don’t worry, I got you boo!

In this course we'll be covering...

  • MODULE 1: How to define your ideal client and how this will influence your web design.

  • MODULE 2: How to choose your brand colors and fonts to use in your website design.

  • MODULE 3: Where and how to choose the best stock images for your web design.

  • MODULE 4: How to write high converting website copy for each page on your site.

  • MODULE 5: How to actually build your website using my favorite platform, Squarespace!

  • BONUS! When you complete the course you'll get a special bonus, only for course members!

    Each module contains a Video Lesson and a Workbook!

So, what will I get out of this course?

Simple: after this course, you will be able to DIY your own great website.

You're not only going to come out of this course with a complete plan in place for your own website design, you'll also learn all of the tools and techniques I use to create great websites and what it takes to create a website that converts visitors into customers.

So what are you waiting for?