How to Define Your Target Audience



Defining your target audience is so important when starting a business. And if you don’t even know what that means, you’re reading the right article.

For your business to stand a better chance of success, you need to define your ideal customer/client. You may think it’s easier to just market to everyone, and while this may seem like the way to go, (more clients, right?) it’s not.

A business with no defined target audience isn’t actually marketing to everyone, it’s marketing to no one.

Doing this at the beginning is important because it will set the tone of your whole business. Your marketing approach will be much more focused. Your design and copy will all be perfectly tailored to your target audience.

If you know the ins and outs of your ideal customer, you can provide them with exactly what they need or want. This focused approach will lead to more sales or clients.

On the flip side of that, if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re not really honing down on anyone's particular needs or wants.

Imagine you’re a professional female who wants a unique and creative website and you’re looking for someone to design a website for you. You land on two websites, both look good, but one is marketed at general businesses and the other is marketed at female entrepreneurs who want unique and stunning websites. Which one would you choose? Obviously the one that is speaking directly to you. You know this company will understand your needs, you know they will be experts in your niche and will provide you with the perfect website.

When I design for clients, I get them to fill out a target audience questionnaire before they do anything else.

Some of my clients already have a good idea of their audience, so they whiz through this and send the answers off to me to read through. Some clients haven’t even thought about their target audience yet, so it’s a great tool for them to work through to get an idea for themselves.

Many of my clients have raved about this questionnaire saying that it really made them think about, and define, their audience, so I thought it may be helpful for me to release it to you, blog reader, in the hopes that you, too, can use it to define your target audience.

One way that may help to define your audience is to think of a single person and complete the questionnaire with that one ideal customer in mind (instead of thinking about the whole audience). This is still an effective way to create a target market, and sometimes can be easier than answering the questions for a group of people.

So, I strongly suggest you download this questionnaire/workbook and define your target audience! Or, download it and use it with your clients! Either way, I hope this resource is useful to you. Good luck!

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